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    Coffee Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro  roasted whole been coffee  blended with the Cuban Serrano Lavado Arabica coffee beans which are grown on the high slopes of the mountains on the east coast of Cuba. The coffee beans , which have a special taste specific to this region, have been dried under the sun in Cuba's unique climate and roasted without time anxiety by using traditional methods. Thanks to Cuba’s climate and to traditional methods, Coffee Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro  beans has a rich aroma, leaves a strong taste in the palate, These dark roasted beans now available for sale in  250gram valf packages..


    Coffee Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro has a long-lasting aroma that resembles the Cuban cigars, with its smoked taste, mild sweet cocoa notes and dense from its rich body. Coffee Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro which has after-drink cocoa flavor, is among the best specialty coffees.



    Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro Coffee

    Beans : Arabica-Catuai

    Tasting notes: Mild sweet cocoa, smoked sheet music

    Harvest: February-May altitude: 900-1250m

    Production process: washed

    Acidity: Low

    Body: Rich body
    Hardness: Strong

    Coffee Cuban Parejo Habano Oscuro